As market uncertainty continues, more investors seeking low-risk investment opportunities are turning to treasury assets, such as certificates of deposit, or CDs, mutual funds and savings bonds.

CDs have reached a return rate of upward of 5%, a figure that the market hasn’t seen in more than 20 years. In 2021, CDs sank to record lows of 0.26%, leaving investors to weigh their chances on riskier investments in exchange for a higher return.

Many investors, however, don’t have the same appetite for risk they did several years ago due to persistent interest rate hikes over the past 18 months and recessionary fears. This volatility has led to a decline in CRE investment, leaving some investors sitting on the sidelines with an abundance of capital, unsure of where to best allocate their money.

“One of the sectors that performs the best during inflationary periods is leveraged real estate,” said Dwight Dunton, CEO of Bonaventure. “And Bonaventure’s risk-adjusted, tax-efficient investment solutions provide a balance between market exposure and safety.”