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Empowered Partnerships

Everyone needs a good wingman. The best partnerships have that indefinable characteristic. It’s pure magic. It’s perfect chemistry.

In 1999, building on his family’s 40+ years of multifamily experience, Dwight Dunton III started Bonaventure Realty Group in the spare bedroom of his rented apartment. Bonaventure was built around a unique concept - success isn't as much about the properties as it is about the people. With a great property and average people, you still get average results; but, if you have great people you can consistently beat the market. At the time, Dwight had more fingers on his right hand than he did employees. Since then, Dwight's innovative people strategy has helped Bonaventure become one of the preeminent boutique management and development firms in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Whether you’re a resident, investor or property owner, we see you as a partner. As your wingman, we bring financial wisdom, street smarts and contagious enthusiasm to the team. With nearly 50 years of experience creating highly selective investment opportunities, nimbly managing multifamily assets and setting the highest standards for resident satisfaction, when you partner with us, you can rest assured that we’ll always have your back. You won’t simply feel empowered, you’ll feel empartnered.

Mission Statement

To continually exceed the expectations of our employees, customers and investors; To provide our employees with a fun environment for personal growth, financial security and career advancement while fostering a sense of family; Strive to ensure that our customers and investors receive exceptional service and value. They had a choice and they chose us.

What's In A Name?

Bonaventure comes from the Italian word buonaventura which literally means "good luck." When Dwight learned that his ancestor, Andrew Dunton, sailed to America in 1635 aboard the ship Bonaventure, he knew he was on to something great. Bonaventure was more than just a ship of good tidings for the Dunton family, but would also good luck to his new real estate company.