In Fall 2018, the Villanova School of Business (VSB) and the Daniel M. DiLella Center for Real Estate (DiLella Center) launched the Daniel M. DiLella and Thomas M. Mulroy “DAN-TOM” Real Estate Student Managed Fund (the Fund). The Fund’s purpose was to promote a hands-on learning experience for Villanova real estate students by having them research, evaluate and underwrite potential investment opportunities introduced by various Villanova alumni and connected real estate firms.

Since the Fund’s inception, undergraduate students who have managed the Fund have successfully invested in nine opportunities across various asset types—office, industrial, life science, retail, and residential—in states including Alabama, Arizona, South Carolina, Minnesota, Mississippi and Pennsylvania.

Most recently, the student team gained experience by investing in an industrial development fund, Distribution Realty Group’s Fund II, which will provide geographic diversity across the Midwest and Southeast. The fund will develop speculative warehouses in large, established markets and select high-growth markets. 

Students were also recently able to secure an investment as part of Bonaventure’s private non-traded REIT. “Bonaventure’s recent investment transaction with the DAN-TOM Real Estate Student Managed Fund is a great example of how our investment vehicles cater to different investment strategies. DAN-TOM invested in Bonaventure’s private non-traded REIT which is currently comprised of 10 multifamily assets. We look forward to growing our partnership,” said Chris Cobb, Chief Development Officer.

Over the last four years, graduating students, with the support of Business Fellow Vincent Sanfilippo, strategically pass the baton over to underclassmen/women to see the investments through and ensure the Fund’s portfolio has a promising future.