Principal Investments

Since day one Bonaventure’s biggest client has been…well…itself. We eat our own cooking, and we love it! Since our inception we have invested over $400 million of capital into projects we control. Our projects have varied from acquisitions, to ground-up development, to massive renovations. The common thread through all of them was what is often that “missing piece”: ingenuity. We saw opportunities that others missed involving complex deals that money couldn’t necessarily solve. We take a long-term approach to investing with investment horizons from 10 years to forever!

So we continue to troll the waters for great projects that range in size from $20 million to $100 million. We are currently looking for opportunities in the following areas:

We are always looking for development sites and opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic markets. We can add value to deals whether it’s an assemblage, land that needs rezoning, or simply by redesigning a site plan that doesn’t work.
If you are looking for a multifamily expert to quarterback a transaction we are your wingman. From an existing property or a piece of un-entitled dirt, if you have control of it and need help we can be your partner. Our company is built on relationships and we have done a majority of our Principal Investments through partnering with property owners, land owners, and 1031 investors.
Since our capital needs to work harder than most, we generally don’t spend too much time chasing mass marketed deals. We focus on deals that are off market or require some creative thinking.
For the right opportunities, we are willing to invest our cash in projects and sponsors we believe in. If there is a hole in the capital stack, maybe we can help.
To bring a building back to life doesn’t require magic, you just need Bonaventure. We are experts in the complexities of historic rehabilitation.