Opportunity Zones

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Investments within an Opportunity Zone allow investors to potentially both defer and reduce their existing capital gains tax and eliminate future capital gains tax on returns earned from the Opportunity Zone investment. The program was created to incentivize investments in communities designated by state governments for economic development. Investors can potentially defer taxes on capital gains until December 31, 2026, reduce amount of taxes owed by up to 15%, and eliminate taxes on capital gains tax from the Opportunity if held for 10 years or longer.

The Opportunity Zone designation allows Bonaventure to pair our existing expertise and market knowledge with an investment vehicle that offers unprecedented potential federal capital gains tax incentives to long-term investors seeking to invest in real estate.

Our Projects

Invest in a premier mixed-use waterfront development in affluent East Beach, Norfolk while taking advantage of the newly-created Opportunity Zone program.

Bonaventure is pleased to offer the opportunity to invest in BRG Little Creek OZ Fund, LLC, an investment opportunity that pairs Bonaventure’s highly successful track record as a real estate developer with unprecedented tax benefits offered through the Opportunity Zone program.

Deadline Notice: Qualified capital gains triggered in 2018 must be placed into an opportunity fund by June 28, 2019. Once this deadline has passed, only qualified capital gains triggered in 2019 can be invested.


Opportunity Zone Investment: Defer and reduce existing and eliminate future capital gains tax liability.

Preferred Return to Investors: Receive a Preferred Return before Sponsor receives any return.

Aligned Interest between Sponsor and Investors: Sponsor is contributing significant cash and deferred fees. After Preferred Return to Investors, Sponsor is encouraged to maximize Investor distributions through performance incentives.

Mitigated Development Risk: Site fully entitled, designed, and bid out.

Fully Amortizing 40-year Debt: Debt structure allows Investors to maximize Opportunity Zone tax-free compounding.

Bonaventure currently has a pipeline of multifamily and senior living opportunities spanning the East Coast and is actively seeking accredited investors with capital gains to co-invest in planned projects.

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