Whether they’re more likely to know the song “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems” by Kenny Chesney or “Champagne Problems” by Taylor Swift, everyone needs someone to help them manage life’s challenges. While most people would assume that at Bonaventure we’re in the business of solving real estate problems, we know we’re dealing with real life, too.

Whether the challenge is to sell, buy, develop or manage a property, our team of experienced real estate experts can solve difficult issues that matter to people and to their families. Thorny issues can surround any real estate transaction, including succession planning, asset transformation, tax management, investment diversification and planning for generational wealth transfers.

As a company, we’re used to going against the grain and looking at the big picture, long-term outlook to solve problems no matter how complex they seem. In fact, some of our clients come to us with what they think is a simple real estate transaction. They don’t even know they have a problem. But we can give them an outside the box kind of solution that results in something that helps them and their families in ways they didn’t anticipate.

Here’s an example: A family we work with owned a retail site and, since the patriarch passed away, has been owned by a trust. The heirs need to sell it, but they also need to manage their taxes on an asset that’s been in the family for generations. We’ll help them transition this property through a 1031 Exchange and replace it with a fractional piece of a larger apartment building. They’ll go from being active investors into passive investors in an institutional quality building.

We have an array of solutions that we can tailor to solve people’s real problems. Say you own a piece of land that you want to keep but you lack development experience. We can do a joint venture and develop it for you.

Or maybe you own an apartment complex but you’re not happy with the management services. We can provide third party property management services to really make that community shine and maximize your returns.

We’ve helped another family that has a big concentration of property in one geographic area, so they need to diversify. No one in the next generation in the family is passionate about managing their real estate portfolio, so another goal is to provide flexibility for each member of the family to use their portion of the family wealth in ways that work for them.

Whatever the issue, we can concoct the perfect solution for you.