To see beyond the known, you need a powerful imagination – a strong vision. We have the unique ability to see not what a property is, but envision what a property could be. More than 2000 years ago Aristotle said, “The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” The development process lies at the nexus of all of Bonaventure’s capabilities. A successful project is not just about site design, unit finishes, marketing, constructability, entitlement, operations or finance, but rather the interlocking of these elements to find the optimal solution to a complex problem.

We’re a company full of fiercely competitive self-starters working on your behalf. What fuels us each day is the passion for transforming your development opportunities into brilliantly executed solutions. We embrace synergy and integrate with the surrounding community. We implement a comprehensive plan for developing well-maintained communities people want to live in, with well-devised growth potential for you.

It doesn’t take a genius to leverage great development opportunities, but it certainly speeds up the process!

Completing initial financial projections and providing input on unit mix, market positioning, and product type.
Assisting or leading any required modifications for zoning purposes.
Working with design consultants to present plan options for consideration, and investment returns for each option.
Investigating and resolving potential project impediments such as: utility availability, offsite improvements, environmental impacts, school or traffic impacts, schedule of approvals, and title/survey issues.
Coordination with design team and owner for full design of the site, buildings, amenities, and interiors, as well as, detailed capital and operational budgeting for all facets of the project.
Coordination of competitive bidding by General Contractors (GC) at various stages in the design process, and contract negotiation for the selected GC.
We will manage the project team, including the architect, civil engineer, and general contractor during the construction period, to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget.