According to Google there are 1,013,913 words in the English language. And yet, we are still unable to find a better word than consulting to describe the medley of additional services we provide. If you need something multifamily and you can’t find it in our list of offerings, we can custom craft a scope of service to deliver the solution you require.

Bonaventure’s value-add to consulting is that we can evolve with engagements and offer a broad range of services for any multifamily need. We touch every inch of a transaction for our own account and we can do the same for you. A few of our diverse services are listed below. All services are available à la carte on an hourly basis, or we can craft a lump sum proposal for larger engagements.

We will work hand-in-hand with owners to maximize the proceeds from debt, equity and mezzanine for upcoming capital events.
A successful project is not just about site design, unit finishes, marketing, constructability, entitlement, operations or finance, but rather how you synthesize these elements to find the optimal solution to a complex problem. We have a team for that.
We will come in, review property operations and provide solutions to increase performance and add to the bottom line of your property. Recommended for owners who have an upcoming capital event and need to maximize value.
We offer private sector best practices to the public sector, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. We also work to optimize redevelopment potential on existing properties.
Through our experience and expertise with HUD financing, we are able to provide solutions to owners trying to procure HUD financing by partnering as a qualified HUD experienced partner.
Anything you need for an upcoming transaction - additional analytical or human capital firepower - whatever the need, we can assist.
If you don’t know what this means, then you probably don’t need us.