Capital Market Solutions

You hire experts all the time. When you need your teeth cleaned, you visit the dentist. When your car breaks down, you take it to a mechanic. And when you need help in creating the optimal financial structure for your multifamily asset, you can call Bonaventure. With over $700 million of multifamily transactions under our belt, we have pretty much seen everything. We offer our clients the ability to leverage our expertise and experience to create value for their multifamily projects. Whether you need acquisition financing, help with a loan modification, finding development financing or ensuring maximum proceeds on the next refinance, we have the recipe for success. We have walked many miles in your shoes. Let’s walk the next mile together; we can show you the way!

Bonaventure will work with owners to make sure we find the cheapest cost of capital for your upcoming transaction. Whether it’s agency, HUD, CMBS, life companies, or local banks, we have executed loans for our own account and can help you. We specialize in looking under rocks that other people miss.
We know how stressful an upcoming capital event is. There is a looming deadline and that is where we excel. Whether you are trying to boost performance to maximize cash out proceeds or ensuring you will be able to roll over your debt so there is no capital call needed, we have been there and can help. We will work directly with your property management team to ensure the property’s operations will maximize loan proceeds.
HUD loans are great executions if you can get them. Unfortunately they are getting harder to qualify for and require substantial experience and financial backing. Bonaventure can lend our experience, REO schedule, and balance sheet to help borrowers qualify for HUD debt they would otherwise be locked out from.
If you are sitting on a piece of dirt and want to find out if it’s financeable, give us a call.
If you have an upcoming maturity on a loan and want to know what to expect at maturity, we can help. We will tell you where you are today and where you need to get to before maturity. It’s never too early to be planning ahead.